Responsible Building Design

Conceptual Elevation for New Single Family

At Don Simms Design Build, our projects address the critical building techniques required today in order to ensure maximum energy efficiencies. We incorporate the latest building practices in order to meet the relevant building codes, as well as work with and support our community by using local sub-contractors and crafts-people, incorporate on-site recycling methods, and use reclaimed materials in our projects.

Our associates have worked with clients who want to build energy efficient sustainable homes which require no electricity, gas or outside energy source. We believe homes of the future may be independent of imported generated power. Once installed these utility systems will operate without intervention and for free. Consider the independence from external power a design requirement in your future home.

Our project manager will submit the site plan which depicts the building envelope, septic location, well location, boundary setbacks and other data to the appropriate governing authorities for approval. The project manager and engineer where necessary shall appear at any required hearings on behalf of the client.